chOir-tly LOUD "Mouth"

Choral Theatre Sports

When: Friday 3 November 2017
Time:  20:30 – Late
Where: Venue Centro CBD restaurant, 28 Stewart St Wollongong
Cost: FREE for chOir-tly LOUD registered choirs – $10.00 per head for general public.

Show off your inner thespian in chOir-tly LOUD Mouth. In this choral take on theatre sports your choir will devise and perform a 3-5 min chOir Cracker in response to prompts.

For the first round of chOir Crackers, the prompt – a simple statement or a single word – will be sent to you prior to the festival so that you can come prepared with your props.

The second round will be truly impromptu – groups will respond with just a few minutes’ preparation to a prompt – and, your choir can perform in your own right or choose to combine forces with another group. We will be at Centro cbd. Nibbles and drinks will be available for purchase.

The session will be open to the general public at a cost of $10.00.

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